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[专著]于海波:《Organizational Learning in China: Building a Multilevel Approach》

2021-05-28 点击率:72

From the perspective of behavioural science, this book systematically investigates organizational learning in Chinese organizations based on multilevel theory over the past 20 years. The findings contribute to the theory and practice of organizational learning and give insights into the construction of learning organizations. Revisiting existing studies on organizational learning, the author reconceptualises organizational learning and constructs an integrative model, which is corroborated and then supplemented by empirical research. Based on samples and materials from 3,000 managers and employees in organizations from all over China, the book further elaborates this integrative model covering the multilevel structure, trans-level functions and generative mechanisms that figure prominently in organizational learning in Chinese organizations. This framework helps enhance the organizational learning ability and the establishment of a learning culture, while offering possible directions for updating research methods and a stereoscopic theory of organizational learning.

The book will be a good reference for management practitioners, students and academics interested in organizational behaviour, human resource management, innovation management, and multilevel perspective.。

Routledge,Taylor & Francis Group,2021,05.